Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day 7

Breakfast: 3 eggs ($0.36) 1 piece toast ($0.10). $0.46

Lunch: Standard turkey sandwich (still delicious) $0.51, bowl of split pea soup ($0.09). $0.60

Snack: Banana. $0.09

Dinner: pita ($0.25), lentil soup, which Mike made ($0.36). $0.61

Late night snack: Rice ($0.14), lentil soup ($0.10), pita ($0.25). $0.49

Late late night snack: 1/4 bag of microwave popcorn. $0.10

Days total: $2.35

Total rollover: $0.90

Cutting it close...

Here's how mike did


Eugenia said...

You need to add more variety on your food. Here are some ideas from my blog, I used to eat some of these foods when I was a kid (I am coming from a poor family).

The cheapest: (add olive oil)

A bit more money, add olive oil:

No need for extra olive oil:

These are all very cheap to do and should add some variety to your diet.

Mike Czyzewski said...

who is this eugenia...and doesn't she know that you've already lost?